Knowledge obtained at the Banking University allows graduates to achieve professional success not only in banks, but also in business, governance structures and authorities.

The University trains bachelors and masters (including foreigners) offering a full-time education, part-time education, full and part-time education, distance learning in such areas as Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Management, Computer Sciences and Law Studies.

The University provides:

* training for entering higher educational institutions;

* Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs in English;

* training for foreigners;

* training of civil servants and experts for financial-credit sector of Ukraine;

* defense of theses in a specialized academic council;

* teaching specialized courses in a foreign language;

* fully featured system of distance learning, which is used in teaching the courses, in career enhancement and MBA;

* the best international programs of professional education for specialists in business administration (IFA, EBC*L, CIPA, ISSM, ACCA);

* programs for double diploma of the international standard with leading higher educational institutions of the European Union (Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, and Switzerland);

* internship and training abroad and in leading financial institutions of the EU and Ukraine;

* European quality of education approved by ISO 9001:2008 certificate;

* innovation – all programs are taught using cutting-edge technology and inviting leading scientists and experts from the EU and Ukraine;

* master classes in financial competence.