Masters programme


University trains masters (including students from foreign countries) for in the following branches of knowledge - 07 "Management and Administration", 05 "Social and Behavioral Sciences" in specialties (specializations):

071. Accounting and Taxation

* Auditing

* Accounting and Auditing of entrepreneurship

* Accounting and auditing in banks

* Accounting and Auditing in Business Administration

* Accounting, analysis and audit NBFIs

* Accounting and analytical maintenance of management entities

072.Finance, Banking and Insurance

* Financial services industry

* Banking Management

* Management of banking security

* Financial consulting

* Insurance Management

* Innovative technologies in financial institutions

* Crisis management in the bank

* Marketing in the bank

* Financial Management

* Management of innovation activity

* Banking services in agriculture

* Financial management in business

* Management of bank investments

* Management of financial services

* Financial monitoring and banking business

* Banking and financial markets


* Business administration

* Management of Financial and Economic security

* Management of Human Resources

051. Economics

Economic Cybernetics

Training term – 1,5 years