Foreign students

Banking University awards Bachelor’s, Master`s, Post-graduate degrees and Doctoral degrees.

In order to enter the Bachelor's degree programs the documents should be submitted from the 15-th of August till the 15-th of November, the Master’s degree programmes – from the 1-t of July till the 15-th of November.

List of  Documents Required for Admission:

  • application form;
  • a notarized and translated copy of birth document;
  • a notarized and translated copy of a document attesting his/her education with grades for completed courses;
  • a medical certificate with its translation, issued by official public health service not earlier than two months prior to entering Ukraine;
  • a medical evidence attesting his/her not being infected by HIV;
  • an open-ended return ticket valid throughout a year;
  • a notarized and translated copy of passport
  • 6 photos sized 3,5×4,5 cm.

All information written in 2), 3), 4), 7) have to be translated into Ukrainian and confirmed and legalized according to the law of your country.

The foreigners should have an educational visa. For the CIS countries, which are visa-free, it is necessary to make a note “for study” in the emigration card during passing the border and ask the border officer to register it.

Foreign students can do a master’s degree in Institute of banking after result of interview in foreign language and their specialty.

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