Kharkiv educational-scientific Institute

Kharkiv educational - scientific institute of the State Higher Educational Institution “Banking University” is the oldest among specialized higher educational institutions of Slobozhanshchina.

The Institute has the considerable experience in training specialists for financial and banking system; it has gained strong competitive position among educational institutions of Ukraine. The most important achievement for seven decades of hard work is a significant staff contribution to the development of banking of the state. The institution has trained a brilliant group of prominent and successful bankers and financiers for Ukraine.

Kharkiv educational-scientific Institute of the Banking University:

  • fully featured distance learning system platforms "MS SharePoint" and MOODLE;
  • close cooperation with leading experts of banking and financial institutions;
  • formation of knowledge and skills in foreign languages in professional field;
  • has modern material and technical base - multimedia lecture rooms, modern library, new sports complex, comfortable halls of residence;
  • high quality practical training based on the educational and training bank “Intelbank”.

Director of the Institute – Doctor of Economics, Professor Samorodov Boris

Kharkiv educational-scientific Institute

55 ,Peremody Avenue, Kharkiv, 61174, Ukraine

Phone: +38 (057) 337-99-96

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.