Research activity is one of the priority directions of development of the Banking University.

The University has passed State Attestation of a scientific institution and has been included in the State Register of scientific institutions supported by state (certificate № 01994, on September 17, 2015).

Banking University has the human, scientific and technical potential, material and technical base, allowing carrying out research activity at a high level, in particular in the field of Economics, Law, Computer Science and Cybernetics.

The University pays great attention to the formation and development of scientific schools that conduct basic and applied researches on the most important issues of development of scientific and technical, social and economic, social and political, human potential for ensuring competitiveness of Ukraine in the world and sustainable development of society and the state.

Every year the staff of the research centre, scientific and pedagogical staff, doctoral students, post-graduates and students of the University carry out about 25 research works aimed at solution of urgent problems of financial and credit sector and banking system of the country. The results of these investigations have scientific and practical value, confirmed by customers’ examination and meet demands of the state scientific and technical priorities and tasks of scientific and technological development. They have been implemented in practical activities of the National Bank of Ukraine, banks, financial institutions, enterprises, and were used to justify proposals for the development of legislative, regulatory and legal acts of Ukraine, to define strategic and tactical objectives of social and economic development of the country and its regions. The research results are implemented in the educational process, and are also used when writing textbooks, manuals, monographs, scientific papers, abstracts, master’s and doctoral theses; approved on scientific and practical conferences, international philosophical and economic readings, round tables, discussion clubs, workshops.

In the framework of concluded scientific cooperation agreements, the University cooperates with the State University ‘Institute for Economics and Forecasting’ of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the NAS Institute of Regional Research, and the Research Centre for Industrial Problems of Development of the NAS of Ukraine.

Banking University provides paid services in the sphere of scientific, scientific and technical activities:

* conducting scientific and research work;

* conducting research on the development of special economy branches;

* conducting scientific, scientific and technical and other types of expertise in accordance with legislation;

* conducting consultations on scientific researches’ issues (including thesis), their organization and scientific service;

* information-analytical support of scientific activity;

* implementation of scientific research results;

* ensuring access to local and corporate computer networks, the Internet, to the automated databases and search engines through segments of local and corporate networks;

* development of scientific and technical documentation;

* organizing and conducting scientific events (forums, symposiums, seminars, conferences, etc.);

* granting permissions to use objects of intellectual property rights.