Science school

Keeping the best research traditions aimed at the formation of generations of professional, scientific and cultural elite of Ukraine is provided by creative teams of the highly skilled scientific and scientific and pedagogical workers united in the scientific schools of the University.

The main objectives of scientific schools of the University are:

* obtaining fundamental and applied scientific results in priority directions of scientific researches;

* brand development, preservation of the history and research traditions of the University as a scientific research establishment;

* ensuring mobility and transformation of forms of scientific activity with requirements of socially oriented market economy;

* ensuring integration of the educational process, science and industry;

* implementation of a continuous cycle of scientific activity: from basic researches to the introduction of scientific developments into practice;

* development of scientific creativity of students, PhD students, doctoral candidates.

The list of scientific schools of the University:

* "Banking in the system of sustainable economic development" (supervisor − Smovzhenko T.S., Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor);

* "Financial and credit support of investment and innovative model of economy" (supervisor − Kuznyetsova A. Ya., Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor);

* "Financial security of the state, business and financial institutions" (supervisor − Baranowskyi O. O., Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor);

* "Accounting and analytical support of business entities management" (supervisor − Kostyrko R. O., Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor);

* "Scientific bases of the movement of financial flows of economic agents" (supervisor − Azarenkova G. M., Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor);

* "Interaction peculiarities of labor markets of the EU and Ukraine in the conditions of globalization" (supervisor − Kravchenko I. S., Doctor of Science (Economics);

* "Philosophy of financial civilization" (supervisor − Skrynnyk Z. E., PhD, Professor);

* "Methods, models and intellectual information systems of electronic resources formation and of decision-making support in economy and education" (supervisor − Chaplyga V. M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);

* "Mathematical modelling of economic and electromechanical systems and processes" (supervisor − Bilyi L. A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor).