Financial Literacy

The project “Financial Literacy” started in 2010.

fin gramotToday, more than 20,000 students from over 750 schools from all regions of Ukraine study course.

More than 100 trainers and 500 teachers were trained. Two All Ukrainian tournaments of young experts with financial literacy were organized.

The course “Financial Literacy”

* focused on developing of the practical skills and competencies;

* designed for teaching throughout the school year - 30 lessons;

* the curriculum, the textbook and workbook for students were designed to teach the course; the manual for teachers and interactive electronic textbook were developed also.

All course materials are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

By 2019 the course “Financial Literacy” should be introduced in all educational institutions of I-II levels of accreditation in all regions of Ukraine.

The main objective of the study course is to teach young people to use their own finances properly, to plan their own personal budget and to protect themselves from the risks and to make the correct financial decisions concerning:

* the opportunities to expand their sources of income;

* the planning and adjusting own spending;

* the formation of personal financial reserves and savings;

* the use of credit and the implementation of their own investment.

The electronic guide-book was created on the base of paper textbook “Financial literacy” for the pupils of the 10-th forms of secondary schools for teaching this course in the schools of Ukraine.

We created and launched testing of the training-methodical sets on financial literacy for the pupils of the first-fourth and the fifth - ninth forms of the secondary schools (educational program, student’s workbook, teacher's book).